the tricultural premium

February 2020 Globalisation, ubiquitous air travel, and the growth of MBA programs led to the emergence of a whole new class of people. Born in Country A, learned in Country B, professional in Country B; moving fluidly between geographies/cultures/careers and social networks. Colloquially they are known as bicultural people/professionals/executives/kids. The US & its policies (economic, social) played a … Continue reading the tricultural premium

College costs twice as much as it did 10 years ago

Earlier today, I started to wonder how expense it has become to go to college these days. As Mona and I were chatting, we conjectured that the increases were tiny if we were to consider cumulative inflation over the same period. Best way to find out was to dig into the data, so here we … Continue reading College costs twice as much as it did 10 years ago

excess capacity helps accelerate innovation

Historically, the supply curve of utility services (electricity, public transport, water supply) has trailed the demand curve by a matter of several years (if not decades). From an economic standpoint, there is a clear alignment with the basic principles of micro-economics and the rules of supply and demand. Why build excess capacity when there is … Continue reading excess capacity helps accelerate innovation