2019, an exponential year

when I entered 2019, it seemed like it would be like any other year, but boy its been a rollercoaster like never before.

here is a short list of stuff that got done (where i’ve been involved) …in no-particular order.

  1. Haptik acquisition by Reliance Jio (exit)
  2. MPL series-A (new start)
  3. Upraised – a new beginning for my partner Mona
  4. Invideonew capital (angel)
  5. Shuttl – follow on capital (growth)
  6. PocketFM – seed cheque & follow-ons (new start)
  7. Byjus secondary (exit)
  8. Classplusseed cheque & follow-ons (new start)
  9. Myra acquisition by Medlife (exit)
  10. MX Player – Series A & partnership with Tencent (growth)
  11. Tookitaki – new capital (angel) (growth)
  12. Dilmil acquisition by Dating.com Group (angel) (exit)
  13. Third Wave Coffeenew investment (angel)
  14. Oxfordcaps series-A (new start)
  15. Parkwheels – new investment (angel) (new start)
  16. Ayopop – new capital (angel) (growth)
  17. Two other meaningful developments (still in stealth)

Phew! … In any other year, I’d be happy to have achieved even 1 or 2 such milestones!

In many ways, this year has been a culmination of compounding effects building up over the past few years. Relationships, investments, product strategy decisions, and karma of the past all converging into an incredible and highly improbable sequence of events.

It has also been a tough year emotionally, perhaps the second toughest year in life after 2016 (when my father passed away, and my daughter was born within a short window of a mere 46 days).

Many tricky transitions, and decisions that tested my resolve to conduct myself and my peers in a fair and appropriate manner. Delivering win-win outcomes in many cases is far tougher than meets the eye!

Exits are momentary conclusions, before they become legacies; while new investments and ventures are the beginning of many new aspirations and fears. I’ve had way too many of them this year.

Above all a sharper awareness and focus around my own purpose/utility came afore.

Thank you 2019 I am grateful, and thank you to each of you who I’ve had the luck and good fortune to be associated with 🙏

ending with a poem to look back to 2019 with!

ये लम्हे , ये पल हम , बरसों याद करेंगे … ये मौसम बदल गये तो … हम फ़रियाद करेंगे !
ये लम्हे , ये पल हम , बरसों याद करेंगे … बरसो याद करेंगे

Hariharan, for the movie Lamhe (c 1991)

… and a clip from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara called
” तो जिंदा हो तुम ”

onwards into 2020!

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