in flight shopping is a relic

Earlier this week, on a Go-Air flight from Delhi to Mumbai, it struck me how much of a relic the notion of onboard shopping has become.

Come to think of it, the average domestic or continental international flight is probably 2.5 to 3 hours in length. What kind of urgency could strike an individual to want to make a purchase for something that will eventually still have to be delivered via mail.

I’d rather get off the flight, and use a smartphone app from Amazon or Flipkart of Myntra to seek, find and order whatever it is I’d want. 

The sheer convenience of one of these services knowing my payment preferences, remembering my shipping address, and giving me rewards points in one place is far greater than choosing to buy onboard a plane.

It is time for the airlines, and mail order catalog companies to evolve, me thinks.

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