imparting urgency

August 2020 one of the tougher challenges in being an entrepreneur/manager is imparting an appropriate sense of urgency to colleagues & collaborators. what is urgent, what is important, and what's the right sequence of priorities at any given point changes from context to context (for individuals, teams, counterparts). Yes, there are umpteen tools & frameworks … Continue reading imparting urgency

the tricultural premium

February 2020 Globalisation, ubiquitous air travel, and the growth of MBA programs led to the emergence of a whole new class of people. Born in Country A, learned in Country B, professional in Country B; moving fluidly between geographies/cultures/careers and social networks. Colloquially they are known as bicultural people/professionals/executives/kids. The US & its policies (economic, social) played a … Continue reading the tricultural premium

How to think about Corporate VC investors

Couple of friends asked me this question recently, so I thought it may be useful for a wider audience. Often during a fundraise process at startups, you come across the investment arm of an Operating Company (unlike VC’s who only invest and don’t run companies). Let’s call them OpCo’s. OpCo’s typically invest from their balance … Continue reading How to think about Corporate VC investors

BSE Sensex validates that Food Tech revolution in India is no bubble

Consumers have more choice, and Pizza is no longer the only preferred home delivery option I read this article in the Economic Times yesterday, and realized that the food-tech sector has just demonstrated its real impact and latent demand on two public stocks (Jubilant Foodworks & Speciality Restaurants) Performance of Jubilant Foodworks & Speciality Foods … Continue reading BSE Sensex validates that Food Tech revolution in India is no bubble